Organizing And Staffing The Project Office And Team

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4.0 Introduction 139

4.1 The Staffing Environment 140

4.2 Selecting the Project Manager: An Executive Decision 142

4.3 Skill Requirements for Program Managers 148

4.4 Special Cases in Project Manager Selection 153

4.5 Selecting the Wrong Project Manager 154

4.6 Next Generation Project Managers 157

4.7 Duties and Job Descriptions 159

4.8 The Organizational Staffing Process 163

4.9 The Project Office 168

4.10 The Functional Team 174

4.11 The Project Organizational Chart 176

4.12 Special Problems 179

4.13 Selecting the Project Management Implementation Team 181 Problems 184

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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