Organizing And Staffing The Project Office And Team Table Project Management Positions And Responsibilities

Project Management Position

Typical Responsibility

Skill Requirements

Project Administrator Project Coordinator Technical Assistant

Coordinating and integrating of subsystem tasks. Assisting in determining technical and manpower requirements, schedules, and budgets. Measuring and analyzing project performance regarding technical progress, schedules, and budgets.




Understanding the organization

Task Manager Same as above, but stronger role in

Project Engineer establishing and maintaining

Assistant Project project requirements. Conducting

Manager trade-offs. Directing the technical implementation according to established schedules and budgets.

Technical expertise Assessing trade-offs Managing task implementation Leading task specialists

Project Manager Program Manager

Same as above, but stronger role in project planning and controlling. Coordinating and negotiating requirements between sponsor and performing organizations. Bid proposal development and pricing. Establishing project organization and staffing. Overall leadership toward implementing project plan. Project profit. New business development.

Overall program leadership

Team building

Resolving conflict

Managing multidisciplinary tasks

Planning and allocating resources

Interfacing with customers/


Executive Program Manager

Director of Programs V.P. Program Development

Title reserved for very large programs relative to host organization. Responsibilities same as above. Focus is on directing overall program toward desired business results. Customer liaison. Profit performance. New business development. Organizational development.

Responsible for managing multiprogram businesses via various project organizations, each led by a project manager. Focus is on business planning and development, profit performance, technology development, establishing policies and procedures, program management guidelines, personnel development, organizational development.

Business leadership Managing overall program businesses

Building program organizations Developing personnel Developing new business


Strategic planning

Directing and managing program businesses

Building organizations Selecting and developing key personnel

Identifying and developing new business

Because of the potential overlapping nature of job descriptions in a project management environment, some companies try to define responsibilities for each project management position, as shown in Table 4-3.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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