Network Fundamentals

The major discrepancy with Gantt, milestone, or bubble charts is the inability to show the interdependences between events and activities. These interdependencies must be identified so that a master plan can be developed that provides an up-to-date picture of operations at all times.

Interdependencies are shown through the construction of networks. Network analysis can provide valuable information for planning, integration of plans, time studies, scheduling, and resource management. The primary purpose of network planning is to eliminate the need for crisis management by providing a pictorial representation of the total program. The following management information can be obtained from such a representation:

• Interdependencies of activities

• Project completion time

• Impact of late starts

• Impact of early starts

• Trade-offs between resources and time

• Cost of a crash program

• Slippages in planning/performance

• Evaluation of performance

Networks are composed of events and activities. An event is defined as the starting or ending point for a group of activities, and an activity is the work required to proceed from one event or point in time to another. Figure 12-1 shows the standard nomenclature for PERT networks. The circles represent events, and arrows represent activities. The numbers in the circles signify the specific events or accomplishments. The number over the arrow specifies the time needed (hours, days, months), to go from event 6 to event 3. The events need not be numbered in any specific order. However, event 6 must take place before event 3 can be com-

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