Material Requirements For Project Will Update The Map System

FIGURE 11-11. Material requirements planning interrelationships.

requirements and fluctuating lead times, combined with a slow response to these changes, can result in the disruption of master production scheduling.8

Master Production A master production schedule is a statement of what will be made,

Schedule Definition how many units will be made, and when they will be made. It is a pro duction plan, not a sales plan. The MPS considers the total demand on a plant's resources, including finished product sales, spare (repair) part needs, and interplant needs. The MPS must also consider the capacity of the plant and the requirements imposed on vendors. Provisions are made in the overall plan for each manufacturing facility's operation. All planning for materials, manpower, plant, equipment, and financing for the facility is driven by the master production schedule.

Objectives of the MPS Objectives of master production scheduling are:

• To provide top management with a means to authorize and control manpower levels, inventory investment, and cash flow

• To coordinate marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and finance activities by a common performance objective

• To reconcile marketing and manufacturing needs

• To provide an overall measure of performance

• To provide data for material and capacity planning

The development of a master production schedule is a very important step in a planning cycle. Master production schedules directly tie together personnel, materials, equipment, and facilities, as shown in Figure 11-11. Master production schedules also identify key dates to the customer, should he wish to visit the contractor during specific operational periods.

8. The master production schedule is being discussed here because of its importance in the planning cycle. The MPS cannot be fully utilized without effective inventory control procedures.

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