Many Of The Problems Surface Much Later In The Project And Result In A Much Higher Cost To Correct As Well As Increase Project Risk

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FIGURE 1-5. The tip-of-the-iceberg syndrome for matrix implementation.

FIGURE 1-6. Decision-making influence.

Figure 1-5 shows the tip-of-the-iceberg syndrome, which can occur in all types of organizations but is most common in non-project-driven organizations. On the surface, all we see is a lack of authority for the project manager. But beneath the surface we see the causes; there is excessive meddling due to lack of understanding of project management, which, in turn, resulted from an inability to recognize the need for proper training.

In the previous sections we stated that project management could be handled on either a formal or an informal basis. As can be seen from Figure 1-6, informal project management most often appears in non-project-driven organizations. It is doubtful that informal project management would work in a project-driven organization where the project manager has profit-and-loss responsibility.

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