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FIGURE 8-1. Guide to performance appraisal.

FIGURE 8-1. Guide to performance appraisal.

appraisal of the employee's performance. Of course, the project manager should not fill out the evaluation form if he has not had sufficient time to observe the employee at work.

The evaluation form can be filled out at the termination of the project. This, however, may produce a problem in that the project may end the month after the employee is considered for promotion. The advantage of this technique is that the project manager may have been able to find sufficient time both to observe the employee in action and to see the output.

Figure 8-1 (see page 309) represents, in a humorous way, how project personnel perceive the evaluation form. Unfortunately, the evaluation process is very serious and can easily have a severe impact on an individual's career path with the company even though the final evaluation rests with the functional manager.

Figure 8-2 shows a simple type of evaluation form on which the project manager identifies the best description of the employee's performance. This type of form is generally used whenever the employee is up for evaluation.

Figure 8-3 shows another typical form that can be used to evaluate an employee. In each category, the employee is rated on a subjective scale. In order to minimize time and paper-


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