FIGURE 12-13. Parallelization of PERT activities.

FIGURE 12-14. Master PERT chart breakdown by department.

each department or division develop its own PERT/CPM networks, on approval by the project office, and based on the work breakdown structure. The individual PERT charts are then integrated into one master chart to identify total program critical paths, as shown in Figure 12-14. The reader should not infer from Figure 12-14 that department D does not interact with other departments or that department D is the only participant for this element of the project.

Segmented PERT charts can also be used when a number of contractors work on the same program. Each contractor (or subcontractor) develops his own PERT chart. It then becomes the responsibility of the prime contractor to integrate all of the subcontractors' PERT charts to ensure that total program requirements can be met.

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