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FIGURE 12-8. Slack identification.

In Situation a, the slack is easily identified as four work units, where the work units can be expressed in hours, days, weeks, or even months. In Situation b, the slack is negative five units of work. This is referred to as negative slack or negative float.

What can cause the slack to be negative? Look at Figure 12-10. When performing a forward pass through a network, we work from left to right beginning at the customer's starting milestone (position 1). The backward pass, however, begins at the customer's end date milestone (position 2), not (as is often taught in the classroom) where the forward pass ends. If the forward pass ends at position 3, which is before the customer's end date, it is possible to have slack on the critical path. This slack is often called reserve time and may be added to other activities or filled with activities such as report writing so that the forward pass will extend to the customer's completion date.

Negative slack usually occurs when the forward pass extends beyond the customer's end date, as shown by position 4 in the figure. However, the backward pass is still mea-

FIGURE 12-9. A typical PERT chart with slack times.

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