Internal Partnerships

A partnership is a group of two or more individuals working together to achieve a common objective. In project management, maintaining excellent, working relations with internal partners is essential. Internally, the critical relationship is between the project and line manager.

In the early days of project management, the selection of the individual to serve as the project manager was most often dependent upon who possessed the greatest command of technology. The result, as shown in Figure 8-7, was a very poor working relationship between the project and line manager. Line managers viewed project managers as a threat, and their relationship developed into a competitive, superior-subordinate relationship. The most common form of organizational structure was a very strong matrix where the project manager, perceived as having a command of technology, had a greater influence over the assigned employees than did their line manager.

As the magnitude and technical complexity of the projects grew, it became obvious that the project managers could not maintain a command of technology in all aspects of




Command of Technology

Technical Capability

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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