Weekly Manpower Plot

b. The network you have just created is a departmental PERT chart. Construct a weekly manpower plot assuming that all activities begin as early as possible. (Note: Overtime cannot be used to shorten the activity time.)

c. The department manager wishes to assign eight people full-time for the duration of the project. However, if an employee is no longer needed on the project, he can be assigned elsewhere. Using the base of eight people, identify the standby (or idle) time and the overtime periods.

d. Determine the standby and overtime costs, assuming that each employee is paid $300 per week and overtime is paid at time and a half. During standby time the employee draws his full salary.

e. Repeat parts c and d and try to consider slack time in order to smooth out the manpower curve. (Hint: Some activities should begin as early as possible, while others begin as late as possible.) Identify the optimum manpower level so as to minimize the standby and overtime costs. Assume all employees must work full-time.

f. Would your answer to parts d and e change if the employees must remain for the full duration of the project, even if they are no longer required?

12-22 How does a manager decide whether the work breakdown structure should be based on a "tree" diagram or the PERT diagram?

12-23 Using Table 12-3, draw the CPM chart for the project. In this case, make all identifications on the arrows (activities) rather than the events. Show that the critical path is twenty-one weeks.

Using Table 12-4, draw the precedence chart for the project, showing interrelationships. Try to use a different color or shade for the critical path.

Calculate the minimum cash flow needed for the first four weeks of the project, assuming the following distribution.

Total Cost for Each Activity l6,960 5,l60 40,960 67,200 22,940

Furthermore, assume that all costs are linear with time, and that the activity X cost must be spent in the first two weeks. Prove that the minimum cash flow is $92,000.

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