FIGURE 12-3. Conversion from bar chart to PERT chart.

which relates each event to its immediate predecessor. Large projects can easily be converted into PERT networks once the following questions are answered:

• What job immediately precedes this job?

• What job immediately follows this job?

• What jobs can be run concurrently?

Figure 12-4 shows a typical PERT network. The bold line in Figure 12-4 represents the critical path, which is established by the longest time span through the total system of events. The critical path is composed of events 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9. The critical path is vital for successful control of the project because it tells management two things:

• Because there is no slack time in any of the events on this path, any slippage will cause a corresponding slippage in the end date of the program unless this slippage can be recovered during any of the downstream events (on the critical path).

• Because the events on this path are the most critical for the success of the project, management must take a hard look at these events in order to improve the total program.

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