*This assumes that some of the activities can be run in parallel, instead of series.

*This assumes that some of the activities can be run in parallel, instead of series.

Livingston: "What kind of costs are you considering in the feasibility study?"

MIS Manager: "The major cost items include input-output demands; processing; storage capacity; rental, purchase or lease of a system; nonrecurring expenditures; recurring expenditures; cost of supplies; facility requirements; and training requirements. We'll have to get a lot of this information from the EDP department."

EDP Manager: "You must remember that, for a short period of time, we'll end up with two computer systems in operation at the same time. This cannot be helped. However, I have prepared a typical (abbreviated) schedule of my own (see Exhibit 12-2). You'll notice from the right-hand column that I'm somewhat optimistic as to how long it should take us."

Livingston: "Have we prepared a checklist on how to evaluate a vendor?"

EDP Manager: "Besides the 'benchmark' test, I have prepared a list of topics that we must include in evaluation of any vendor (see Exhibit 12-3). We should plan to call on or visit other installations that have purchased the same equipment and see the system in action. Unfortunately, we may have to commit real early and begin developing software packages. As

Exhibit 12-3. Vendor support evaluation factors

• Availability of hardware and software packages

• Hardware performance, delivery, and past track record

• Vendor proximity and service-and-support record

• Emergency backup procedure

• Availability of applications programs and their compatibility with our other systems

• Capacity for expansion

• Documentation

• Availability of consultants for systems programming and general training

• Who burdens training cost?

• Risk of obsolescence

• Ease of use a matter of fact, using the principle of concurrency, we should begin developing our software packages right now."

Livingston: "Because of the importance of this project, I'm going to violate our normal structure and appoint Tim Emary from our planning group as project leader. He's not as knowledgeable as you people are in regard to computers, but he does know how to lay out a schedule and get the job done. I'm sure your people will give him all the necessary support he needs. Remember, I'll be behind this project all the way. We're going to convene again one week from today, at which time I expect to see a detailed schedule with all major milestones, team meetings, design review meetings, etc., shown and identified. I'd like the project to be complete in eighteen months, if possible. If there are risks in the schedule, identify them. Any questions?"

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