Although other alternatives exist, assume that these are the only ones open to you at the moment. Without discussing the answer with your group, record the letter representing your choice in the appropriate space on line 1 of the worksheet under "Personal."

As soon as all of your group have finished, discuss the problem as a group and determine that alternative that the group considers to be best. Record this answer on line 1 of the worksheet under "Group." Allow ten minutes for this part.

Part 2: Understanding Never having worked with this department manager before, you try to pre-

Emotions dict what his reactions will be when confronted with the problem.

Obviously, he can react in a variety of ways:

A. He can accept your solution in its entirety without asking any questions.

B. He can discuss some sort of justification in order to defend his position.

C. He can become extremely annoyed with having to discuss the problem again and demonstrate hostility.

D. He can demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with you in resolving the problem.

E. He can avoid making any decision at this time by withdrawing from the discussion.

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