FIGURE 8-3. Project work assignment appraisal.

work, it is also possible to have a single evaluation form at project termination for evaluation of all employees. This is shown in Figure 8-4. All employees are rated in each category on a scale of 1 to 5. Totals are obtained to provide a relative comparison of employees.

Obviously, evaluation forms such as that shown in Figure 8-4 have severe limitations, as a one-to-one comparison of all project functional personnel is of little value if the employees are from different departments. How can a project engineer be compared to a cost accountant?

Several companies are using this form by assigning coefficients of importance to each topic. For example, under a topic of technical judgment, the project engineer might have a coefficient of importance of 0.90, whereas the cost accountant's coefficient might be 0.25. These coefficients could be reversed for a topic on cost consciousness. Unfortunately, such comparisons have questionable validity, and this type of evaluation form is usually of a confidential nature.

Even though the project manager fills out an evaluation form, there is no guarantee that the functional manager will believe the project manager's evaluation. There are always situations in which the project and functional managers disagree as to either quality or direction of work.

Another problem may exist in the situation where the project manager is a "generalist," say at a grade-7 level, and requests that the functional manager assign his best

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