FIGURE 12-24. Computerized information flow.

FIGURE 12-24. Computerized information flow.

Figure 12-23A illustrates a finish-to-start constraint. In this figure, activity 2 can start no earlier than the completion of activity 1. Figure 12-23B illustrates a start-to-start constraint. Activity 2 cannot start prior to the start of activity 1. Figure 12-23C illustrates a finish-to-finish constraint. In this figure, activity 2 cannot finish until activity 1 finishes. Figure 12-23D illustrates a percent-complete constraint. In this figure, the last 20 percent of activity 2 cannot be started until 50 percent of activity 1 has been completed.

Figure 12-24 shows the typical information that appears in each of the activity boxes shown in Figure 12-23. The box identified as "responsibility cost center" could also have been identified as the name, initials, or badge number of the person responsible for this activity.

Figure 12-25 shows the comparison of three of the network techniques.



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