(a) Lack of raw materials.

(a) Lack of raw materials.

(b) Customer unhappy with test results, and wants additional work.

Cost overrun and behind schedule condition.

May need additional planning.

Overtime is scheduled. We will try to use lower-salaried people. Raw materials are expected to be on dock next week.

Customer will provide us with revised statement of work on 6/15/94.

FIGURE 15-18. Blue Spider Project, monthly project report #4.

FIGURE 15-19. Data accumulation.
FIGURE 15-20. Cost control and report flow.
FIGURE 15-21. Graphical status reporting.

in time, cost, and performance or defining new project activities and methods of pursuing the project, such as new PERT networks. If resources are limited, then a proper redistribution or reallocation must be made. If resources are not limited, the additional personnel, financing, equipment, facilities, or information may be required.

If replanning cannot be accomplished without system redesign, then system specifications may have to be changed.9 This is the worst possible case because performance may be sacrificed to satisfy the constraints of time and money.

9. Here we are discussing system specifications. Functional modification responses can also require specification changes, but not on the system level. Examples of functional modifications might be changes in tolerances for testing or for purchasing raw materials.

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