5. How much money, if any, had Acme set aside as a management reserve based upon the original released budget? (burdened)

6. Has the management reserve been revised, and if so, by how much? (burdened)

7. Which level-2 WBS elements make up the revised management reserve?

8. Based upon the reviewed BCWS completion costs, how much profit can Acme expect to make on the Alpha Project?

(Hint: Don't forget sharing ratio)

9. How much of the distributed budget that has been identified for accomplishment of work is only indirectly attributed to this contract? (i.e., overhead)

Answer the Following Questions for Direct Labor Only

10. Of the total direct effort budgeted for on this contract, how much work did Acme schedule to be performed this month?

11. How much of the work scheduled for accomplishment this month was actually earned (i.e., earned value)?

12. Did Acme do more or less work than planned for this month? How much was the schedule variance (SV)? [$ and %]

13. What did it actually cost Acme for the work performed this month?

14. What is the difference between the amount that Acme budgeted for the work performed this month and what the actual cost was? (i.e., CV) [$ and %]

15. Which WBS level-2 elements are the primary causes for this month's cost and schedule variances?

16. How much cost variance has Acme experienced to date? [$ and %]

17. How much schedule variance has Acme experienced to date? [$ and %]

18. Is the cost variance improving or getting worse?

19. Is the schedule variance improving or getting worse?

20. Does it appear that the scheduled end date will be met?

21. What is the new estimated burdened cost at completion?

22. How much profitability/loss can Acme expect from the new estimated cost at completion? _

23. If Acme's final burdened cost for the program was $3,150,000, how much profit/loss would it experience? _

15-19 Calculate the total price variance for direct labor and the labor rate cost variance from the following data:

Direct Material Direct Labor

Planned price/unit Actual units Actual price/unit Actual cost

15-20 One of your assistant project managers has given you an earned value report that is only partially complete. Can you fill in the missing information?

(All numbers are in thousands of dollars)

WBS Work Packages

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