Project 1: Analytical Study

Task 1: Marketing/Production Study Task 2: Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Project 2: Design and Layout

Task 1: Product Processing Sketches Task 2: Product Processing Blueprints

Project 3: Installation Task 1: Fabrication Task 2: Setup Task 3: Testing and Run

Project 4: Program Support Task 1: Management Task 2: Purchasing Raw Materials

Applying these guidelines serves only to identify the complexity of the program. These data must then be subdivided and released, together with detailed information, to the different levels of the organization. The WBS should follow specified criteria because, although preparation of the WBS is performed by the program office, the actual work is performed by the doers, not the planners. Both the doers and the planners must be in agreement as to what is expected. A sample listing of criteria for developing a work breakdown structure is shown below:

• The WBS and work description should be easy to understand.

• All schedules should follow the WBS.

• No attempt should be made to subdivide work arbitrarily to the lowest possible level. The lowest level of work should not end up having a ridiculous cost in comparison to other efforts.

• Since scope of effort can change during a program, every effort should be made to maintain flexibility in the WBS.

• The WBS can act as a list of discrete and tangible milestones so that everyone will know when the milestones were achieved.

• The level of the WBS can reflect the "trust" you have in certain line groups.

• The WBS can be used to segregate recurring from nonrecurring costs.

• Most WBS elements (at the lowest control level) range from 0.5 to 2.5 percent of the total project budget.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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