situations with strong labor unions and repetitive tasks, external relations can predominate, especially in strong technological and scientific environments where strict government regulations must be adhered to.

In the sections that follow, a variety of organizational forms will be presented. Obviously, it is an impossible task to describe all possible organizational structures. Each form describes how the project management organization evolved from the classical theories of management. Advantages and disadvantages are listed for technology and social systems. Sadler has prepared a six-question checklist that explores a company's tasks, social climate, and relationship to the environment.6

• To what extent does the task of organization call for close control if it is to be performed efficiently?

• What are the needs and attitudes of the people performing the tasks? What are the likely effects of control mechanisms on their motivation and performance?

• What are the natural social groupings with which people identify themselves? To what extent are satisfying social relationships important in relation to motivation and performance?

• What aspect of the organization's activities needs to be closely integrated if the overall task is to be achieved?

• What organizational measures can be developed that will provide an appropriate measure of control and integration of work activities, while at the same time meeting the needs of people and providing adequate motivation?

• What environmental changes are likely to affect the future trend of company operations? What organizational measures can be taken to insure that the enterprise responds to these effectively?

The answers to these questions are not easy. For the most part, they are a matter of the judgment exercised by organizational and behavioral managers.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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