Implementing Multiproject Critical Chain

In order for top management, project and resource managers to support a multiproject implementation, the project information must be visible to everyone, current, and accurate at all times. Most often, this is accomplished using Critical Chain software. At the time of writing, the following three software packages support multiproject Critical Chain:

• Concerto, by SpeedtoMarket—see

• PS8, by Scitor—see

• ProChain and ProChain Plus, by ProChain Solutions—see

Concerto is an Oracle-based solution, using Microsoft Project for both data entry and display. PS8 uses its own SQL database. ProChain is an add-on to Microsoft Project.

A successful implementation consists of at least the following prerequisites:

• Identification and consensus on the drum resource(s) for the projects being implemented using Critical Chain

• Consensus on the method of staggering the projects, on the priority system. This usually implies deactivating some or many currently active projects.

• Appointment of one person to be the master scheduler to help determine the options for staggering new projects, and to keep all project and resource managers informed about the status of the drum resource

• Consensus on changes to any schedules of any currently active projects

• Executive buy-in to the process, especially that no new projects will be initiated without following the staggering process

• Comprehensive education and procedures for all project and resource managers, including not just the "how to," but also the "why" aspects of Critical Chain

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