General Management Responsibility O Specialized Responsibility A Must Be Consulted A May Be Consulted


FIGURE 5-2. Linear responsibility chart.

Figures 5-4 and 5-5 are examples of modified LRCs. Figure 5-4 is used to show the distribution of data items, and Figure 5-5 identifies the skills distribution in the project office.

The responsibility matrix attempts to answer such questions as: "Who has signature authority?" "Who must be notified?" "Who can make the decision?" The questions can only be answered by clear definitions of authority, responsibility, and accountability:

• Authority is the right of an individual to make the necessary decisions required to achieve his objectives or responsibilities.

• Responsibility is the assignment for completion of a specific event or activity.

• Accountability is the acceptance of success or failure.

The linear responsibility chart, although a valuable tool for management, does have a weakness in that it does not describe how people interact within the program. The LRC must be considered with the organization for a full understanding of how interactions

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