Therefore, $1,000 a year from now is worth only $909 today. If the interest rate, k, is known to be 10%, then you should not invest more than $909 to get the $1,000 return a year from now. However, if you could purchase this investment for $875, your interest rate would be more than 10%.

Discounting cash flows to the present for comparison purposes is a viable way to assess the value of an investment. As an example, you have a choice between two investments. Investment A will generate $100,000 two years from now and investment B will generate $110,000 three years from now. If the cost of capital is 15%, which investment is better?

Using the formula for discounted cash flow, we find that:

This implies that a return of $100,000 in two years is worth more to the firm than a $110,000 return three years from now.


The net present value (NPV) method is a sophisticated capital budgeting technique that equates the discounted cash flows against the initial investment. Mathematically,

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