Estimating Highrisk Projects

Whether a project is high-risk or low-risk depends on the validity of the historical estimate. Construction companies have well-defined historical standards, which lowers their risk, whereas many R&D and MIS projects are high risk. Typical accuracies for each level of the WBS are shown in Table 14-12.

A common technique used to estimate high-risk projects is the "rolling wave" or "moving window" approach. This is shown in Figure 14-13 for a high-risk R&D project. The project lasts for twelve months. The R&D effort to be accomplished for the first six months is well defined and can be estimated to level 5 of the WBS. However, the effort for the latter six months is based on the results of the first six months and can be estimated at level 2 only, thus incurring a high risk. Now consider part B of Figure 14-13, which shows a six-month moving window. At the end of the first month, in order to maintain a six-month moving window (at level 5 of the WBS), the estimate for month seven must be improved from a level-2 to a level-5 estimate. Likewise, in parts C and D of Figure 14-13, we see the effects of completing the second and third months.

There are two key points to be considered in utilizing this technique. First, the length of the moving window can vary from project to project, and usually increases in length as you approach downstream life-cycle phases. Second, this technique works best when upper-level management understands how the technique works. All too often senior management hears only one budget and schedule number during project approval and might not realize that at least half of the project might be time/cost accurate to only 50-60 percent. Simply stated, when using this technique, the word "rough" is not synonymous with the word "detailed."

Methodologies can be developed for assessing risk. Figures 14-14, 14-15, and Table 14-13 show such methodologies.

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