Endofphase Review Meetings

For more than 20 years, end-of-phase review meetings were simply an opportunity for executives to "rubber stamp" the project to continue. As only good news was presented the meetings were used to give the executives some degree of comfort concerning project status.

Today, end-of-phase review meetings take on a different dimension. First and foremost, executives are no longer afraid to cancel projects, especially if the objectives have changed, if the objectives are unreachable, or if the resources can be used on other activities that have a greater likelihood of success. Executives now spend more time assessing the risks in the future rather than focusing on accomplishments in the past.

Since project managers are now becoming more business-oriented rather than technically oriented, the project managers are expected to present information on business risks, reassessment of the benefit-to-cost ratio, and any business decisions that could affect the ultimate objectives. Simply stated, the end-of-phase review meetings now focus more on business decisions, rather than on technical decisions.


Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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