Cost Control Problems

No matter how good the cost and control system is, problems can occur. Common causes of cost problem include:

• Poor estimating techniques and/or standards, resulting in unrealistic budgets

• Out-of-sequence starting and completion of activities and events

• Inadequate work breakdown structure

• No management policy on reporting and control practices

• Poor work definition at the lower levels of the organization

• Management reducing budgets or bids to be competitive or to eliminate "fat"

• Inadequent formal planning that results in unnoticed, or often uncontrolled, increases in scope of effort

• Poor comparison of actual and planned costs

• Comparison of actual and planned costs at the wrong level of management

• Unforeseen technical problems

• Schedule delays that require overtime or idle time costing

• Material escalation factors that are unrealistic

Cost overruns can occur in any phase of project development. The most common causes for cost overruns are:

• Proposal phase

• Failure to understand customer requirements

• Unrealistic appraisal of in-house capabilities

• Underestimating time requirements

• Planning phase

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