Figure 20-19 displays the relationship between two of the data elements from solder qualification test scores. The independent variable, experience in months, is listed on the X axis. The dependent variable is the score, which is recorded on the Y axis.

These relationships fall into several categories, as shown in Figure 20-20. In the first scatter plot there is no correlation—the data points are widely scattered with no apparent pattern. The second scatter plot shows a curvilinear correlation demonstrated by the U shape of the graph. The third scatter plot has a negative correlation, as indicated by the downward slope. The final scatter plot has a positive correlation with an upward slope.

From Figure 20-19 we can see that the scatter plot for solder certification testing is somewhat curvilinear. The least and the most experienced employees scored highest, whereas those with an intermediate level of experience did relatively poorly. The next tool, trend analysis, will help clarify and quantify these relationships.

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