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2,000 3,500


4,500 2,400 2,800


6,000 15,000 7,500 2,000 3,500


6,200 12,500 7,400 4,500



a. As of the end of week 4, how much time is required to complete the project (i.e., time to complete)?

b. At the end of week 4, are you over/under budget, and by how much, for the work (either partial or full) that has been completed to date? (This is not a cost to complete.)

c. At what point in time should the decision be made to crash activities?

d. Either construct a single table by which cost and performance data are more easily seen, or modify the above tables accordingly.

To solve this problem, you must make an assumption about the relationship between percent complete and time/cost. In the project planning budget table, assume that percent complete is linear with time and nonlinear with cost (i.e., cost must be read from table).

12-19 Can PERT charts have more depth than the WBS?

12-20 Estimating activity time is not an easy task, especially if assumptions must be made. State whether each item identified below can be accounted for in the construction of a PERT/CPM network:

a. Consideration of weather conditions b. Consideration of weekend activities c. Unleveled manpower requirements d. Checking of resource allocations e. Variable crew size f. Splitting (or interrupting) of activities g. Assignment of unused resources h. Accounting for project priorities

12-21 Scheduling departmental manpower for a project is a very difficult task, even if slack time is available. Many managers would prefer to supply manpower at a constant rate rather than continually shuffle people in and out of a project.

a. Using the information shown below, construct the PERT network, identify the critical path, and determine the slack time for each node.

Personnel Required




Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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