impact impact camera. The risk issue is whether or not the desired signal to noise ratio can be achieved to meet low-light operating requirements and avoid an increased level of image "grain" during operation. The potential cost consequence of this occurring is a 6 percent cost impact for a third design, fabrication, and test iteration (two iterations are baselined). The potential schedule consequence of this occurring is additional resources required, but able to meet the need date. The potential technical consequence of this occurring is acceptable performance, but no remaining margin. In this example, the resulting probability of occurrence score from Table 17-5 is Level C (preprototype maturity), and from Table 17-6, CC = Level C, CS = Level B, and CT = Level D. Given this information and the risk mapping matrix in Table 17-7, the risk levels relative to cost, schedule, and technical are medium, low, and medium, respectively, as illustrated in Table 17-8.

In the second case, a high-density digital storage card is in the concept formulation stage. This storage card will be included in the same high-grade digital camera as the CCD previously discussed. The risk issue is the ability to achieve the desired bit density for the

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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