Speed of Maturity

FIGURE 2-5. The speed of maturity.

The fourth life-cycle phase is the Growth Phase, where the organization becomes committed to the development of the corporate tools for project management. This includes the project management methodology for planning, scheduling, and controlling, as well as selection of the appropriate supporting software. Portions of this phase can begin during earlier phases.

The fifth life-cycle phase is Maturity. In this phase, the organization begins using the tools developed in the previous phase. Here, the organization must be totally dedicated to project management. The organization must develop a reasonable project management curriculum to provide the appropriate training and education in support of the tools, as well as the expected organizational behavior.

By the 1990s, companies finally began to recognize the benefits of project management. Table 2-2 shows the benefits of project management and how our view of project management has changed.

Recognizing that the organization can benefit from the implementation of project management is just the starting point. The question now becomes, "How long will it take us to achieve these benefits?" This can be partially answered from Figure 2-6. In the beginning of the implementation process, there will be added expenses to develop the project management methodology and establish the support systems for planning, scheduling, and control. Eventually, the cost will level off and become pegged. The question mark in Figure 2-6 is the point at which the benefits equal the cost of implementation. This point can be pushed to the left through training and education.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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