Weighted scoring model See weighting system

weighting system This is a way to rank and score vendor proposals or project proposals. Weighting systems assign numerical weights to evaluation criteria and then multiply this by the weight of each criteria factor to come up with total scores for each project or vendor. These systems keep personal biases to a minimum.

withdrawal This conflict resolution technique occurs when one of the parties gets up and leaves and refuses to discuss the conflict. This never results in resolution.

work authorization systems Work authorization systems clarify and initiate the work of each work package or activity. This is a formal procedure that authorizes work to begin in the correct sequence and at the right time. Work authorization systems are usually written procedures defined by the organization. These are used in the Executing processes of the project.

work performance information Work performance information is an input to the Administer Procurements process. Work performance information is used to monitor work results and examine the vendor's deliverables and compares their work results against the project management plan. It also makes certain activities are performed correctly and in sequence.

workaround This is an unplanned response to a risk event that was unknown and unidentified or an unplanned response to a risk that was previously accepted. Workaround plans are an element of the Monitor and Control Risks process.

zero defects Zero defects is a quality theory attributed to Philip B. Crosby. Zero defects means perform the task right the first time to avoid engaging in rework, loss of productivity, and increased costs.

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