Verifying Project Scope

Managing and reporting on project progress make up the primary focus of the Monitoring and Controlling processes. One of the Monitoring and Controlling processes that helps manage and control project progress is the Verify Scope process. The primary purpose of the Verify Scope process is to formally accept completed deliverables and obtain sign-off that the deliverables are satisfactory and meet stakeholders' expectations.

The inputs of the Verify Scope are the project management plan, requirements documentation, requirements traceability matrix, and validated deliverables. This process involves evaluating these inputs to determine whether the work is complete and whether it satisfies the project objectives. Evaluation is performed using inspection, which is the only tool and technique of this process. You should perform Verify Scope even if the project is canceled to document the degree to which the project was completed. This serves as historical information, and if the project is ever started up again, you've got documentation that tells you what was completed and how far the project progressed.

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The most important fact you should know about the Verify Scope process is that Verify Scope formalizes the acceptance of the project scope and is primarily concerned with the acceptance of work results. Don't confuse this process with the Perform Quality Control process I just discussed.

You can remember the difference between Verify Scope and Perform Quality Control this way:

■ Perform Quality Control = checking for correct work results and assuring that the quality requirements are met

■ Verify Scope = accepting work results

The outputs of Verify Scope are accepted deliverables, change requests, and project document updates. Accepted deliverables is concerned with the formal acceptance of the work by the stakeholders. Remember that stakeholders include customers, the project sponsor, the project team, the management team, and so on. Document their acceptance with formal sign-off, and keep this with your project documents.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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