Vendor Selection for Fitness Counts HR System

Amanda Jacobson is the project manager for Fitness Counts, a nationwide chain of gyms containing all the latest and greatest fitness equipment, aerobics classes, swimming pools, and such. Fitness Counts is converting its human resources data management system. The RFP addressed several requirements, including the following:

■ The new system must run on a platform that's compatible with the company's current operating system.

■ Hardware must be compatible with company standards.

■ Data conversion of existing HR data must be included in the price of the bid.

■ Fitness Counts wants to have the ability to add custom modules using internal programmers.

■ Training of Fitness Counts programmers must be included in the bid.

The project team is in the Conduct Procurements process and has received bids based on the RFP published earlier this month. Fitness Counts is using a combination of selection criteria and a weighted scoring model to choose a vendor.

One of the evaluation criteria said that the vendor must have prior experience with a project like this. Four vendors met that criteria and proceeded to the weighted scoring selection process.

Amanda is one of the members of the selection committee. She and four other members on the committee rated the four vendors who met the initial selection criteria. They read all of the proposals and rated the criteria using factors they had predetermined for each. For example, vendors who proposed a SQL database as part of the "Platform" criteria (along with the other predetermined factors) should receive a total weighted score of 5. Table 9.1 shows their results.

Vendor C is the clear winner of this bid. Based on the weighted scoring model, their responses to the RFP came out ahead of the other bidders. Amanda calls them with the good news and also calls the other vendors to thank them for participating in the bid. Vendor C is awarded the contract, and Amanda moves on to the Contract Administration process.

TABLE 9.1 Example Weighted Scoring Model

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