Understanding the Unique WBS Identifiers

Each element at each level of the WBS is generally assigned a unique identifier according to the PMBOKĀ® Guide. This unique identifier is typically a number, and it's used to sum and track the costs, schedule, and resources associated with the WBS elements. These numbers are usually associated with the corporation's chart of accounts, which is used to track costs by category. Collectively, these numeric identifiers are known as the code of accounts. The unique identifiers for the requirements definition branch of the WBS might look something like this:

10-1 Billy Bob's Bassoon

10-2 Requirements Definition

10-3 Game Requirements

10-3-1 Character Definition

10-3-2 Instruments Design

10-4 Software Requirements

10-4-1 Platform

10-4-2 System Description

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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