Tools and Techniques of Acquire Project Team

The tools and techniques of the Acquire Project Team process are as follows:

■ Pre-assignment negotiation

■ Acquisitions

■ Virtual teams

Pre-Assignment Pre-assignment can happen when the project is put out for bid and specific team members are promised as part of the proposal or when internal project team members are promised and assigned as a condition of the project. When staff members are promised as part of the project proposal—particularly on internal projects—they should be identified in the project charter.

Negotiation As the project manager, you will use the negotiation technique a lot, so brush up on those skills every chance you get. You'll have to negotiate with functional managers and other organizational department managers—and sometimes with the vendor to get some of their best people—for resources for your project and for the timing of those resources.

Availability is one part of the negotiating equation. You'll have to work with the functional manager or other project managers to ensure that the staff member you're requesting is available when the schedule says they're needed.

The second part of the equation is the competency level of the staff member they're assigning to your project. I remember hearing someone say once that availability is not a skill set. Be wary of functional managers who are willing to offer up certain individuals "anytime" while others are "never available." Be certain your negotiations include discussions about the skills and personal characteristics of the team members you want on your project.

Acquisition Acquisition involves hiring individuals or teams of people for certain project activities, either as employees or as contract help during the course of the project or project phase or for specific project activities. Procurement is usually required when the organization does not have employees with the required skills and competencies available to work on the project.

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Project Management Made Easy

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