Tools and Techniques for Defining Activities

The tools and techniques of the Define Activities process are as follows:

■ Decomposition

■ Rolling wave planning

■ Expert judgment

We've covered most of these topics in the previous chapter. Decomposition in this process involves breaking the work packages into smaller, more manageable units of work called activities. These are not deliverables but the individual units of work that must be completed to fulfill the deliverables listed in the WBS. Activities will help in later Planning processes to define estimates and create the project schedule. Activity lists (which are one of the outputs of this process) from prior projects can be used as templates in this process. Rolling wave planning involves planning near-term work in more detail than future-term work. As we discussed in Chapter 3, this is a form of progressive elaboration. Expert judgment, in the form of project team members with prior experience developing project scope statements and WBSs, can help you define activities.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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