The RAM relates the OBS to the WBS to assure that every component of the work of the project is assigned to an individual

Table 7.1 shows a sample portion of a type of RAM called a RACI chart for a software development team. In this example, the RACI chart shows the level of accountability each of the participants has on the project. The letters in the acronym RACI are the designations shown in the chart:

R = Responsible for performing the work

A = Accountable, the one who is responsible for producing the deliverable or work package and approves or signs off on the work

C = Consult, someone who has input to the work or decisions

I = Inform, someone who must be informed of the decisions or results

TABLE 7.1 Sample RAM

Olga Rae Jantira Nirmit

Design R A C C

Test I RCA

implement CI R A

R = Responsible, A = Accountable, C = Consult, I = Inform

In this example, Olga is responsible for design, meaning she creates the software programming design document, but Rae is accountable and is the one who must make certain the work of the project is completed and approved. This is a great tool because it shows at a glance not only where a resource is working but what that resource's responsibility level is on the project.

Text-oriented formats Text-oriented formats are used when you have a significant amount of detail to record. These are also called position descriptions or role-responsibility-authority forms. These forms detail (as the name implies) the role, responsibility, and authority of the resource, and they make great templates to use for future projects.

Other sections of the project management plan Don't forget that other subsidiary plans of the project management plan might also describe roles and responsibilities. For example, you'll recall from Chapter 6, "Risk Planning," that the risk register lists the risk owners and their responsibility, so be certain to check these documents when outlining roles and responsibilities as well.

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