The more effective your risk response plans are the better your chances for a successful project Welldeveloped and wellwritten risk response plans will likely decrease overall project risk

Generally, you'll want to develop risk response plans for those risks with a combination of high probability of occurrence and significant impact to the project, those ranked high (or red) on the probability/impact matrix, or those ranked high as a result of Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis. Developing risk response plans for risks of low severity or insignificant impact is not an efficient or good use of the project team's time. Spend your time planning responses that are appropriate given the impact the risk itself poses (or the opportunity the risk presents), and don't spend more time, money, or energy to produce a response than the risk event itself would produce if it occurred.

The inputs you'll use to assist you in this process are the risk register and the risk management plan. Several strategies are used in this process to reduce or control risk. It's important that you choose the right strategy for each risk so that the risk and its impacts are dealt with effectively. After deciding on which strategy to use, you'll develop an action plan to put this strategy into play should the risk event occur. You might also choose to designate a secondary or backup strategy.

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The rank of the risk will dictate the level of Plan Risk Responses that should be performed. For example, a risk with low severity wouldn't warrant the time it takes to develop a detailed risk response plan. Risk responses should be cost effective—if the cost of the response is more than the consequences of the risk, you might want to examine a different risk response. Risk responses should also be timely, agreed to by all the project stakeholders, and assigned to an individual (risk owner) who is responsible for monitoring and carrying out the risk response plan if needed.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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