The change control system is a subset of the configuration management JTEsystem

Procedures should be defined that detail how emergency changes are approved as well. For example, you and your team might be putting in some weekend hours and are close to the completion of a deliverable when you discover that thing 1 will not talk to thing 2 no matter what you do. The team brainstorms and comes up with a brilliant solution that requires a change request. Do you stop work right then and wait until the change control board or committee can meet sometime next week and make a decision, or do you—the project manager— make the decision to go forward with this solution and explain the change to the appropriate parties later? That answer depends on the change procedures you have in place to handle situations like this and on the authority you have to make emergency changes as outlined in the change control system.

Many organizations have formal change control or change request systems in place. If that's the case, you can easily adopt those procedures and use the existing system to manage project change. But if no procedures exist, you'll have to define them.

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Project Management Made Easy

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