This chapter examined several change control processes starting with the Monitor and Control Project Work process. This process is responsible for reviewing, tracking, and controlling project progress. It ensures that the performance objectives outlined in the project management plan are met.

The Administer Procurements process is concerned with managing vendor relationships, monitoring performance, and implementing changes or corrections when necessary. Both buyer and seller are responsible for administering the contract (or other procurement vehicle) to assure that contractual obligations are being met.

Perform Integrated Change Control is an important part of the project process. It's your responsibility as project manager to manage change and implement corrective action where needed to keep the project on track with the plan. Perform Integrated Change Control concerns influencing the things that cause change and managing the change once it has occurred. One or more of the project baselines may be affected when change occurs. Managing change might involve changes to the project plan, the project schedule, the project budget, project scope, and so on. Changes that impact processes you've already completed require updates to those processes. Corrective action is often a result of a change and ensures that the future performance of the project lines up with the project management plan.

Configuration management systems typically include change control systems that document the procedures to manage change and how change requests are implemented. Change requests might come in written or verbal forms, but ideally you should ask for all your change requests in writing. Change requests are processed through a formal change control system, and configuration control boards have the authority to approve or deny change requests.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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