Status Meeting in Early December

"Thank you all for coming," you begin. You note those stakeholders who are present and pass out the agendas. "First, we have a contract update. Jake, would you give us the update, please?"

"Gomez Construction has submitted a seller payment request for the work completed through November 30. Shelly in our contract management office manages the payment system and handles all payment requests. She'll get a check cut and out to Gomez by the end of this month. They are doing an outstanding job as always. As you know, I've also hired an independent inspector, aside from the city and county types, so that we make sure we're up to code before the city types get there. I don't want to get caught in that trap and end up delaying the project because we can't get the city inspector back out to reinspect quickly enough."

"Thank you, Jake. Any problems with those inspections so far?"

Jake clears his throat. "It turned out to be a good move because the contractor did find some things that we were able to correct before bringing out the official inspectors."

"Ricardo, do you have a contract update for us today?"

"Yes. The contract management office used a fixed-price contract on the hardware and IT supplies order. That contract is just now making its way through the sign-off processes. My group will manage the quality control and testing once all this equipment arrives."

"Jill, can you give us the update on the store?" you ask.

"I've ordered all the retail products, have ordered the cookware line, and have lined up the chef demos. The costs for the new gourmet supplier we're using are higher than our original vendor. This impacts ongoing operations, but the hit to the project budget is minimal. I should also mention that a change request was submitted."

You point everyone's attention to the issues list. "In the last meeting I reported that Gomez had an important crew member out on a family emergency. Gomez was able to replace the team member with no impact to the schedule. The next issue was the T1 connection—I reported that Ricardo was not receiving return phone calls. Good news—that issue has been cleared, the date has been set, and we can close this issue. Are there any new issues to be added this week?"

There were no additional issues reported.

"What's the forecast?" Dirk asks. "Are we on track for meeting the grand opening date given all these issues?"

"I'll have performance figures for you at the next status meeting, and I have some ideas on how we can make up this time other ways so that we still meet the date."

You thank everyone for coming and remind them of the next meeting time.

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