Stakeholder Register and Strategy

Stakeholder classification Stakeholders can be classified according to their relationship to the organization (internal or external for example) and, more importantly, whether they support the project, are resistant to the project, or have no opinion.

The stakeholder management strategy is the documented approach you'll use to minimize negative impacts or influences that stakeholders may have throughout the life of the project. You could use a spreadsheet approach similar to the stakeholder register template to document this information. I would most likely combine the stakeholder register information with the stakeholder management strategy so all the information is contained in one place.

According to the PMBOK® Guide, you'll want to include the following elements in the stakeholder management strategy:

■ Name of key stakeholders who could have a significant impact on the project

■ Stakeholders' anticipated level of participation

■ Stakeholder groups

■ Assessment of impact

■ Potential strategies for gaining support

This chapter introduces a case study that we'll follow throughout the remainder of the book. The case study is updated at the end of every chapter. It's designed to show you how a project manager might apply the material covered in the chapter to a real-life project. As happens in real life, not every detail of every process is followed during all projects. Remember that the processes from the PMB OK® Guide that I'll cover in the remaining chapters are project management guidelines. You will often combine processes during your projects, which will allow you to perform several steps at once. The case studies will present situations or processes that you might find during your projects and describe how one project manager resolves them.

Remember that project documents are usually easily accessible by the project team and stakeholders. Use caution when documenting sensitive information regarding a stakeholder and your strategy for dealing with that stakeholder because it could become public knowledge.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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