Stakeholder Analysis

The tools and techniques of Identify Stakeholders are stakeholder analysis and expert judgment.

During stakeholder analysis, you'll want to identify the influences stakeholders have in regard to the project and understand their expectations, needs, and desires. From there, you'll derive more specifics regarding the project goals and deliverables. Be warned that stakeholders are mostly concerned about their own interests and what they (or their organizations) have to gain or lose from the project. In all fairness, we all fall into the stakeholder category, so we're all guilty of focusing on those issues that impact us most.

According to the PMBOKĀ® Guide, there are three steps involved in stakeholder analysis: identifying stakeholders, identifying potential impact, and assessing how stakeholders are likely to react to given situations. Let's look at each step independently.

The first step is identifying all potential stakeholders and capturing general information about them such as the department they work in, contact information, knowledge levels, and influence levels. Since the output of this process is the stakeholder register, I would devise a stakeholder register template now and capture all information about the stakeholders in one place. Table 2.13 is an example of a stakeholder register template.

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