Reporting Ethics Violations

As a PMP, one of the responsibilities that falls into this category is your responsibility to report violations of the PMP code of conduct. To maintain integrity of the profession, PMPs must adhere to the code of conduct that makes all of us accountable to each other.

When you know a violation has occurred and you've verified the facts, notify PMI. Part of this process—and a requirement of the code of conduct—is that you'll verify that an ethics violation has occurred (in other words, don't report bogus or unsubstantiated reports) and will assist PMI in the investigation by supplying information, confirming facts and dates, and so on. This includes anything listed as violations in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, such as conflicts of interest, untruthful advertising, and false reporting of PMP experience and credentials, appearances of impropriety, and so on. This one calls for some judgment on your part, but it's mostly based on common sense. For example, a PMP in most situations should not have a family member working on the project team reporting to them (unless they own and run a family business).

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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