Report Performance Outputs

The Report Performance process has several outputs:

■ Performance reports

■ Organizational process assets updates

■ Change requests

Performance reports are the primary output of this process. It's here that performance information is documented and reported to the stakeholders as outlined in the communication management plan. These reports might take many forms, including S curves (cost baselines are recorded this way), bar charts, tables, and histograms. Earned value information and variance analysis is often reported during this process as well. We'll examine the earned value topic in the next chapter during the discussion of the Cost Control process.

Performance reports may range from simply stated status reports to highly detailed reports. Dashboards are an example of a simple report that may use indicators like red-yellow-green to show the status of each area of the project at a glance. Red means the item being reported is in trouble or behind schedule, yellow means it's in danger and corrective action should be taken, and green means all is well.

More detailed reports may include the following elements according to the PMBOK® Guide:

■ Analysis of project performance for previous periods

■ Risk and issue status

■ Work completed in the current reporting period

■ Work expected to be completed during the next reporting period

■ Changes approved in the current reporting period (or a summary if there are numerous changes)

■ Results of variance analysis

■ Time completion forecasts and cost forecasts

■ Other information stakeholders want or need to know

The updates needed to the organizational process assets output won't be a surprise. They include lessons learned documentation, report formats, causes of issues, and corrective actions taken. The change requests process includes recommended corrective actions to bring performance in alignment with the project management plan and preventive actions to reduce probable future negative performance.

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