Remember that you might need to revisit other Planning processes after performing Plan Risk Responses to modify project plans as a result of risk responses

Let's take a look at what the risk register should contain at this point. According to the PMBOK® Guide, after Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, and Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis are preformed, the following elements should appear in the risk register:

■ Prioritized list of identified risks, including their descriptions, what WBS element they impact (or area of the project), categories (RBS), root causes, and how the risk impacts the project objectives

■ Risk owners and their responsibility

■ Outputs from the Perform Qualitative Analysis

■ Agreed-upon response strategies

■ Actions needed to implement response plans

■ Cost and schedule activities needed to implement risk responses

■ Contingency plans

■ Fallback plans

■ List of residual and secondary risks

■ Contingency reserves

The only elements in the preceding list I haven't talked about so far are residual and secondary risks. A residual risk is a leftover risk, so to speak. After you've implemented a risk response strategy—say mitigation, for example—some minor risk might still remain. The contingency reserve is set up to handle situations like this.

Secondary risks are risks that come about as a result of implementing a risk response. The example given previously where you transferred risk by hiring a driver to take you to your destination but the person became ill along the way is an example of a secondary risk. The driver's illness delayed your arrival time, which is a risk directly caused by hiring the driver or implementing a risk response. When planning for risk, identify and plan responses for secondary risks.

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