Project Time Management

The Project Time Management Knowledge Area has six processes, as shown in Table 2.3.

TABLE 2.3 Project Time Management

Process Name

Project Management Process Group

Define Activities


Sequence Activities


Estimate Activity Resources


Estimate Activity Durations


Develop Schedule


Control Schedule

Monitoring and Controlling

This Knowledge Area is concerned with estimating the duration of the project plan activities, devising a project schedule, and monitoring and controlling deviations from the schedule. Collectively, this Knowledge Area deals with completing the project in a timely manner. Time management is an important aspect of project management because it concerns keeping the project activities on track and monitoring those activities against the project plan to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Although each process in this Knowledge Area occurs at least once in every project (and sometimes more), in many cases, particularly on small projects, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Durations, and Develop Schedule are completed as one activity. Only one person is needed to complete these processes for small projects, and they're all worked on at the same time.

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