Project Statement of Work

The project statement of work (SOW) describes the product, service, or result the project was undertaken to complete. When the project is internal, this document is usually written by either the project sponsor or the initiator of the project. When the project is external to the organization, the buyer typically writes the SOW. For example, suppose you work for a consulting firm and have been assigned as the project manager for a project your company is performing on contract. The customer, the organization you'll be performing the project for, is the one who writes the SOW.

According to the PMBOKĀ® Guide, a project SOW should contain or consider the following elements:

Business need The business need for the project here relates to the needs of the organization itself. The need might be based on governmental regulation, technological advances, market demands, or a legal requirement.

Product scope description The product scope description describes the characteristics of the product, service, or result of the project. The product scope description should be documented and should also include a description of the relationship between the business need or demand that's driving the project and the products being created.

Product descriptions contain less detail in the early phases of a project and more detail as the project progresses. Product scope descriptions, like the work of the project, are progressively elaborated. They will contain the greatest amount of detail in the project Executing processes.

When a project is performed under contract, typically the buyer of the product or service will provide the product description to the vendor or contractor. The product description can serve as a statement of work when the project is contracted to a vendor. A statement of work describes the product, service, or result in enough detail so that the vendor can accurately price the contract and satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of the project.

Strategic plan Part of the responsibility of a project manager during the Initiating processes is to take into consideration the company's strategic plan. Perhaps the strategic plan states that one of the company goals is to build 15 new stores by the end of the next fiscal year. If your project entails installing a new human resources software system, it makes sense to write the requirements for your project with the 15 new stores in mind. Your management team will refer to the strategic plan when choosing which new projects to initiate and which ones to drop, depending on their relationship to the strategic vision of the company.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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