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Deliverables are measurable outcomes, measurable results, or specific items that must be produced to consider the project or project phase completed. Deliverables should be specific and verifiable. For example, one of your deliverables might include widgets with a three-inch diameter that will in turn be assembled into the final product. This deliverable, a three-inch-diameter widget, is specific and measurable. However, if the deliverable was not documented or not communicated to the manager or vendor responsible for manufacturing the widgets, there could be a disaster waiting to happen. If they deliver two-inch widgets instead of the required three-inch version, it would throw the entire project off schedule or perhaps cause the project to fail. This could be a career-limiting move for the project manager because it's the project manager's responsibility to document deliverables and monitor the progress of those deliverables throughout the project. Most projects have multiple deliverables. As in this example, if you are assembling a new product with many parts, each of the parts might be considered independent deliverables.

A project deliverable is typically a unique and verifiable product or result or a service that's performed. The product or service must be produced or performed in order to consider the project complete. The deliverables might also include supplementary outcomes such as documentation or project management reports.

The bottom line is this: no matter how well you apply your project skills, if the wrong deliverables are produced or the project is managed to the wrong objectives, you will have an unsuccessful project on your hands.

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