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The project charter isn't complete until you've received sign-off from the project sponsor, senior management, and key stakeholders. Sign-off indicates that the document has been read by those signing it (let's hope so, anyway), and that they agree with its contents and are on board with the project. It also involves the major stakeholders right from the beginning and should win their continued participation in the project going forward. If someone has a problem with any of the elements in the charter, now is the time to raise the red flag.

Prior to publishing the charter, I like to hold a kickoff meeting with the key stakeholders to discuss the charter and then obtain their sign-off. I think it's imperative you identify your key stakeholders as soon as possible and involve them in the creation of the project charter. Remember that stakeholder identification is an ongoing activity.

I'll talk more about key stakeholder roles in Chapter 3.

Signing the project charter document is the equivalent of agreeing to and endorsing the project. This doesn't mean the project charter is set in stone, however. Project charters will change throughout the course of the project. As more details are uncovered and outlined and as the Planning processes begin, more project issues will come to light. This is part of the iterative process of project management and is to be expected. The charter will occasionally be revised to reflect these new details, project plans will be revised, and project execution will change to incorporate the new information or direction.

The last step in this process is publishing the charter. Publishing, in this case, simply means distributing a copy of the project charter to the key stakeholders, the customer, the management team, and others who might be involved with the project. Publication can take several forms, including printed format or electronic format distributed via the company email system or on the company's intranet.

Next, we'll look at the Identify Stakeholders process.

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