Project Characteristics

You've just learned that a project has several characteristics:

■ Projects are unique.

■ Projects are temporary in nature and have a definite beginning and ending date.

■ Projects are completed when the project goals are achieved or it's determined the project is no longer viable.

■ A successful project is one that meets or exceeds the expectations of your stakeholders.

Using these criteria, let's examine the assignment from the VP of marketing to determine whether it is a project:

Is it unique? Yes, because the kiosks don't exist now in the local grocery stores. This is a new way of offering the company's services to its customer base. Although the service the company is offering isn't new, the way it is presenting its services is.

Does the project have a limited time frame? Yes, the start date of this project is today, and the end date is the end of this year. It is a temporary endeavor.

Is there a way to determine when the project is completed? Yes, the kiosks will be installed, and services will be offered from them. Once all the kiosks are intact and operating, the project will come to a close.

Is there a way to determine stakeholder satisfaction? Yes, the expectations of the stakeholders will be documented in the form of deliverables and requirements during the planning processes. Some of the requirements the VP noted are that customers can sign up for new services, pay their bills, and purchase equipment and accessories. These deliverables and requirements will be compared to the finished product to determine whether it meets the expectations of the stakeholder.

Houston, we have a project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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